Extremely Comfortable Leather Nappa Padded Siberian Husky Leash

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  • Model: L2###1041 Leather dog leash with support material on the handle


Siberian Husky Leash for Walking

This leash is comfortable both for the Siberian Husky and his owner - length of the tool gives your doggie a feeling of freedom, but gives you utmost control over your pet. Handle of the gear is Nappa padded, so it prevents rubbing your hand or any other discomfort. It is extremely durable and will never let you down.

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  • Siberian Husky leash with brass snap hookLeather Siberian Husky leash with rustproof brass snap hook
  • Quality long-servicing leather Siberian Husky leashRoyal quality genuine leather Siberian Husky leash

What is so special about this Siberian Husky leash:

  • Genuine leather
  • Brass snap hook
  • Soft Nappa padding
  • Extra strong
  • Functional

When this Siberian Husky leash is indispensable:

  • Training
  • Comfy walking
  • Dog shows

Sizes available:

  • 6 Ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

This implement is a perfect walking and training tool. It is manufactured of strong leather and brass hardware. Besides, the gear is stitched for more durability.

Handle of the leash has soft Nappa padding that prevents your hand from rubbing while controlling your Siberian Husky.

Brass snap hook allows to attach the lead to the collar or harness in a second. Donít waste your time on equipping your pet for a walk! Now you can do it spending minimum time!

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