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  • Model: L110E1041 Multi-functional leather leash


Soft Leather Leash for Siberian Husky - Feature-Rich Siberian Husky Lead

Plenty of modes this leash can be used in will amaze you! Probably you have seen the tool that can be transformed into 2 modes, but can you imagine the gear that can be used in 7 different ways? You think that this is impossible? Then try this lead and make sure that it is true!

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  • Multitask Siberian Husky lead with brass snap hookLeather Siberian Husky lead with brass snap hook
  • Multitask Siberian Husky line for walks and trainingFeature-rich Siberian Husky leash for walks and training

What is so special about this Siberian Husky leash:

  • Extra durable
  • Rustproof brass snap hook
  • Easy in handling
  • Feature-rich
  • Reasonable price
  • Genuine leather
  • 2 brass O-rings

When this Siberian Husky leash is indispensable:

  • Training
  • Easy walking

Sizes available:

  • 7 ft (210 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

7 ways to use this leash:
Dog coupler. If you need to walk two dogs at the same time, you can transform this leash into a coupler. Just attach two snap hooks to the collars/harnesses of your canines and grab the leash in the middle.
A short leash. Attach one end to the O-ring stitched closer to the other end.
As a loop. Attach one end of the leash to the floating O-ring and wear the loop on your shoulder. The “free” snap hook attach to the collar/harness of your Siberian Husky. It is important that the O-ring was in front of your shoulder but not behind it.
Tether your pet to the object. Wrap the leash around the object and attach the handle end to the floating ring.
Waist mode of the leash. Wrap your waist with the leash and attach the free snap hook to the floating ring.
20 inch traffic leash. Make a 3.25 inch leash and then grab the floating O-ring and slide it to the end of the leash opposite the clipped ends. Now bring the O-ring back to the clipped end essentially folding the leash in half. Clip the floating "o" ring using the same clip that is attached to the fixed O-ring.
On the full length. Ordinary length of the leash.

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