A walk from the Siberian Husky

1. Begin by holding the harness out in front of you. Notice it is made of four pieces of material--two circles and two straight pieces holding it together. Snap the buckle closed if this is not readily apparent.

2. Lay the harness on your lap. Position it in your hands so that the closed circle is closest to your knees and the circle with the buckle is closest to your abdomen, with the shiny metal ring visible on top.

3. Position the dog with its head away from you, it's back side close to your legs. If the dog struggles, gently place him between your legs applying slight pressure to keep him in one place.

4. Make sure the harness is in the same position as you laid it on your lap. Being such, place the closed circle over the dog's head moving the metal ring to the middle back.

5. Lift up the dog's right leg and move it through the large hole. This will create a t-bone of fabric down the dog's back with the metal ring still at the center of the mid-back.

6. Reach under the dog's left leg. Pull the two sides of the buckle together and snap to the rear of the left leg. Both the back and the underbelly of the dog should have pieces of fabric in the shape of a capital I or H, depending on your angle.

7. Attach the leash to the metal ring on the dog's back.

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