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  • Model: L2HS#1041 20 mm Leather leash with s/m and HS snap hook


Royal Quality Leather Lead for Siberian Husky

This leather flat leash is a great tool for controlling your Siberian Husky. It is long enough to give your doggie a little freedom, but to keep him under control and to prevent him from getting into trouble. Keep your Siberian Husky in safety! Get this tool and manage your canine without problems.

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Leather Siberian Husky leash with scissors type snap hook

Leather Siberian Husky leash with scissors type snap hook

Key features of this Siberian Husky Leash:

  • Genuine quality full grain leather
  • Scissors type snap hook
  • Steel nickel plated fittings
  • Floating O ring on handle
  • Double durable stitching
  • 3/4 inch wide reliable leather
  • Soft padded handle

Intended use of this Siberian Husky Leash:

  • Daily walking
  • Tracking
  • Training
  • Dog shows

Sizes available:

  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

The leash has a strong quick release snap hook that allows to attach a leash to the collar or harness in a second. You donít have to spend a lot of time to equip your Siberian Husky for a walk with this lead! Only one click and your doggie is ready to enjoy walking or training.

The tool is made of 100% genuine leather and tough nickel metalware. Owing to this the gear is extra durable and we guarantee you that it will serve you for a long time.

The length of the leash allows to control your Siberian Husky without any efforts. If your dog gets into trouble or does undesirable things, you can easily pull the leash and in such a way to prevent him from unwanted aftermaths.

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